On to Brooklyn!

On to Brooklyn!

We’ve been beat up, hurt, disappointed, crushed beyond all recognition. We’re the boyfriend who doesn’t trust his girl, the voter who hopes his elected official represents him well. But we’ve been burned so many times in recent years that we are afraid. Afraid to be happy, afraid to trust, afraid to…dream.

Just when we feel almost secure, a one point loss…then when we feel the swoons of the past are indeed history, a blowout loss. So we worry, haunted by the nightmares of mistakes of trust. Broken promises.

But logic and common sense somehow have survived. Our eyes tell our hearts this team is different, this coach is different and this future is different. Our minds see players with heart, and a coach who will not let the mistakes of the past be repeated.

This team starts two freshmen and Two sophomores. The future is bright. This year proved that and it’s not even over yet. We are afraid to believe this yet we know it is certainty.

Finally, after years of pain, OUR RAMS ARE BACK!