The Time is NOW.

The Time is NOW.

It was a year ago this week, we were finally going to see the URI Rams up front and personal. Watch them play two games, a tough D2 opponent in Metro State and with a win, on to face one of the country’s best teams in the University of Arizona. It had been many years since this fan (class of ’78} saw this team in person.

The team was full of promise then. Dan Hurley at the helm, a new culture of winning being instilled into the program.

Rhode Island beat Metro State, but it wasn’t easy. They were crushed by Arizona, but did play them almost even in the second half, albeit against a few subs. URI would go on to win some games and show promise in many. Glimpses of the future would emerge but then disappear a moment later. The fan base, while optimistic, grew tired of the ‘future is bright this time we mean it’ chorus. But it was the only chorus we had to grasp onto. ‘If only’ we had that missing player, or a few more bodies.

Fast forward a year. In just a handful of hours, Rhode Island will host nationally ranked Nebraska. URI hasn’t beat a ranked team in 275,000 years. At least. Will this be a good year if they lose tonight? Most likely yes. But the waiting needs to be over. Now. We need the promise of that bright future to start tonight. No more waiting. We are all done waiting. The time we have all been waiting for is finally upon us. The time. Is. Now.

Why don’t you read this post at by Blue Man. If that doesn’t inspire you for this game, nothing will. Go Rams!