It Is TIME!!!

It Is TIME!!!

First practice of the post-Italy season starts tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 4th)!  Gilvydas Biruta has been waiting a long time for this.



Waiting for this season was very painful because I could not play,  but it was very beneficial because I got to work on my skills with Hurley and his staff.  Every time I saw a college basketball game on TV it felt like it’s bad for my health because i wanted to play so bad!




(After the First Day)

Jim Parisi: Hope the first one went great!

Gilvydas Biruta:  We lifted and had a pickup.  It felt great to be back in the gym with the team!

Jim: You still on limited summer practice schedule?

Gilvydas:  Yes we are, until the end of September!

Jim:  You happy with how ur playing or never happy?
Gilvydas:  Never satisfied because its never good enough.  Although i realize its impossible to play perfect but thats what ultimate competitors should strive for.

Jim:  Are you hard on yourself…or is Coach harder? lol

Gilvydas: Hurley is extremely tough and great at pushing to the limits but I’m my own biggest critic.
Jim:  After Rutgers and the Big East you gotta be hungry to jump all over the A-10?
Gilvydas:  Haha, I cant wait to compete. I have never been so excited to begin a season.
Jim:  I wish I could ask if there was a team you’d love to beat most…but I know you can’t let that get out.
Gilvydas:  I want to beat ALL of them