A Day to Relax

A Day to Relax



Jim Parisi:  Day off Gilvydas?  When do you come home?

Gilvydas Biruta: On monday. Today is a day off. We just got to the Como lake area

Jim: nice!
Send pics!
Hey I did notice one thing….
you had a freakin MONSTER game and didn’t mention a thing must have SO enjoyed that..12 rebounds..


Gilvydas:  Yeah, that game was so much fun.  And those rebounds were special because I got as many offensive rebounds as I got defensive.
I really enjoy crashing the glass.


Jim:  We know the Italian team wasn’t TOO solid..but what did they do really well?


Gilvydas:   They were experienced and were great at helping each other by playing smart, cutting hard and screening.


Jim:   The team seems to be coming along nice. X is shooting..Iffy has a few nice moves…EC is solid for a freshman..what do you think?


Gilvydas:   Yes, love how the team is looking.  Don’t forget Hass and Matt.   Our freshmen have fire and desire to win.  It’s really encouraging.


Jim:  After so much time without playing competitively..what were you surprised didn’t get rusty about your game?


Gilvydas:  I did not have any surprises. I think we practice so hard that our practices are harder than actual games.

Jim:  Will you be climbing the walls waiting for the season to start?


Gilvydas:  I kinda “tasted” it and now I think about daily improvement of the team.