Gilly the Kid

Gilly the Kid
Jim:  How do people treat you in Italy?  Do they stare? Do some follow college basketball?
Gilvydas:  I dont notice stares anymore. And college basketball in Europe is not popular.
We met some Americans that recognized that we play for uri:)
Jim:  Do you have any idea how good the Italian teams will be?  It probably is great just to not play against your own teammates.
Gilvydas:  I dont know how good but they will definitely wont be pro teams of high level so this trip doesn’t reveal of european d1 clubs
Jim:  Be honest..for a big guy like you, are you dying to bang with them under the boards?
Gilvydas:  Im just dying to play period lol
Jim:  What is more fun..hitting an outside shot, or rejecting someone else’s shot?
Gilvydas:  Taking a charge lol
I think it just reverses the momentum.
Jim:  Ha!  It must be nice to have a few big bodies with the Big O and Hare though.
Gilvydas:  Big O lol thats his nick name?:))
Jim:  That’s what people in the forum and a some others say.  Easier to pronounce? lol
Gilvydas:  Big O is the true big man of the team:) he is football big!
Yeah I get it, we call him Iffy:)
Jim:  What’s YOUR nickname the players use for you?
Gilvydas:  Gilly, Gilly The Kid
Jim:  Hey you mentioned looking forward to playing Arizona if you get to do that this season.  Do you get extra fired up to play Providence?  You had a good game against them when you played for Rutgers right?
Gilvydas:  Yes, I had pretty good games against PC. I like rivalry games. It adds extra meaning.  Im self motivated anyway, but to make a statement that URI is at least the best in the state is always great.  Looking forward to PC games as well.
I actually prefer to be on the road, I love when fans are against me:) so to me every away game is like a rival game.
Jim:  Do you have a ritual before a game?  Food, or superstitions?
Gilvydas:  No not really. get extra shots early and music.
The closest thing to superstition would be to start listening with 2Pac song and last song right before  i leave is also by him.
Jim:  I wish I could ask about who impresses you on the team, best pure shot, etc.  But I don’t want to get you in trouble lol.  So how about what NBA player do you see yourself as, or who you watched to learn?
Gilvydas:  I like Luis Scola’s game and Lamar Odom’s. Thats something that I want to see myself as.
Jim:  Do you get to bed early for practices or games?  Different rules?
Gilvydas:  Yes. Even couple days before. I try to be as fresh as possible.
 Jim: Give me something else you want to get out there.
Gilvydas:  Why I picked my number #55.
My mentor, Arturas Karnisovas, who is a part of the “other dream team” (I dont know if you heard about it but if you didnt you must look it up lol) he played wearing 55 in college and its like a tribute to him because he is a huge inspiration to me
Jim:  Nice.  I will look it up.  Inspired you professionally, or personally as well?
Gilvydas:  Professionally and personally in many aspects of my life.
Jim:  You say you have moved a lot…did you have a good family life?
Gilvydas:  I was raised my a single parent, my mother.
Circumstances weren’t the best in lithuania.