Getting to know Gilvydas

Getting to know Gilvydas



Jim Parisi:  Gilvydas, when do you get on the court in Italy?

Gilvydas Biruta: Vatican, practice and game on Wednesday this week.

Jim:  This is the first competitive game as a Ram for you? Excited?

Gilvydas:  After 15 months of waiting and getting a chance to play as a ram in my continent? I’m extra excited:)

Jim: You must thing the world of Coach to sit out a year. Very cool.

Gilvydas:  The only reason i came to URI was the coach! Make it known please.

Jim: You seem to have a great team, good people and players both.

Gilvydas: Honestly, I’ve been around many teams in many countries. I have never been around such great group of guys. I can compare them to so many teams. I truly mean that this group of guys is the most special. There are none with ego. Everybody is selfless and cares about the common goal the most.

Jim: What is it like…to come to a country and have to learn the new the same time you were expected to play great bball…missing your family..was it hard?

Gilvydas: Before I came to the states I lived in Sweden and Spain so moving wasn’t as difficult because I’ve been moving my whole life. It was really difficult to get used to coach Hurley’s intensity. I was blessed to have him as a high school coach because, I got to get college type practices before I got to college.

College was easier than St. Benedicts, hands down.

Jim:  Would you have followed Dan Hurley wherever he went?

Gilvydas:  ANYWHERE. I missed his intensity and passion. To me he is the greatest coach at pushing people beyond what players think that they can do.

Jim: Tell me something people will be surprised to know about this team, and YOU.

Gilvydas:  I cant say that we will surprise people because the hype about the program is huge and expectations are high. I know for sure that we are working as hard as anybody. I’m not the type of guy to promise something. I prefer doing it:)

Something surprising about me? 2Pac taught me English.

Jim:  What?? Really??

Gilvydas:  Really lol People think i picked up rap in the states but i actually been a fan of rap while in Lithuania.

Jim:  So I’m guessing (and I will NOT post it) that you have a vid somewhere of YOU doing a Lithuanian Rap?

Gilvydas:  No not a Lithuanian rap lol
More chance to find me rapping to some Tupac lol

Jim:  who is the team’s best rapper?

Gilvydas:  Biggie! Hands down lol
He listens Meek Mill. Representing Philly. Meek Mill is my favorite alive rapper so we can relate lol

Jim:  Before I say goodnight…what did you work on while you sat out..what part of your game were you determined to get better at?

Gilvydas: I was determined to improve my leadership skills and become more inside out. Limit turnovers, shooting and ball handling

Jim: Goodnight Gil, enjoy Italy and thanks for your time.

Gilvydas: Thank you and good night.