The Grass Being Greener

The Grass Being Greener

hurley: I’m not a mover     (From our interview with Dan Hurley at the start of this past season)




Much has been said about how ‘anyone’ would jump at the change for more money and a bigger job, regardless of the commitments made before the offer.  The latest case involves our head coach, Dan Hurley.  When the Rutgers mess began, so-called media types started the typical, often lazy, speculation pieces on who would take over the team after Rice was canned.

Easy to say the New Jersey connections translate into Dan Hurley jumping at the chance to go home and fix the mess.

Forget that Hurley has made promises to fans and players, not to mention the URI administration.  Because, as the cynics will say, everyone chases the almighty dollar. Someone even posted on the URI forum that a poster who claims he wouldn’t leave for more money is a fraud.


However the world of sports is filled with examples of players and coaches who have NOT moved on for more money, or who have taken less money for a better chance at winning.  Countless players have adjusted their salaries so that teams could get stronger players and increase the team’s chances of winning games.


I’d go so far as to say most of us will have that dilemma in our own lives someday, if we haven’t already.  I resigned from a media job to escape a bad boss a couple of years ago.  With-in an hour, management fired that boss, and offered me my job back, AND my bosses job too.  It was a great situation for me, and I wanted to stay.  Only one problem.  I had just shook hands and accepted a job across the street.  There was no paperwork holding me to that handshake, and when I called that company, they told me they would understand if I took the big money and changed my mind.  I wasn’t comfortable doing that, and I took the new job for much lower money, because I had made a promise.  I am not alone in thinking this way!  Forget those who feel there is no more honor in commitments that are made.  Instead, surround yourself with people of character, and you’ll soon find it is the rule and not the exception to honor that handshake.

As of this writing, it appears that our coach is staying at Rhode Island.  For now.  He says he’d like to stay long-term.  He will only be able to hold off the offers for so long, some say.  Maybe they are right.  For now?  It appears Dan Hurley is a man of character.  A guy who keeps his promises.  Someday, after the promises were kept and the money and fame comes calling again, we may lose Hurley to a major program.  Until then?  Dan is the Man.